As a photographer, I’ve always been intrigued with the idea that each photograph I create records a moment in my own life. Sometimes the image relates directly to what is happening in my personal life and other times it’s not as obvious. This information becomes, in a way, a visual diary or journal–each photograph having the ability to remind me of moments shared with friends, family, or brief acquaintances made through my travels, as well as documenting the wonderful places I’ve been fortunate enough to see. With each journey awaits new discoveries, some monumental, others seemingly hidden from view as if waiting to be uncovered.

Often times we pass over little treasures in search for something more grand. I enjoy making photographs that force us to view common subject matter out of context. By isolating the subject it is given new importance, making the simplest things magical. I tend to play with spacial relationships, often removing a subject from its surroundings as if the person or object were alone and the act of snapping the shutter forever records its isolation.

My interest in photography has taken me all around the world, and I’ve been inspired by the people and landscapes of many countries, but I try not to let the photograph rely simply on its location. My hope is that the style of the images and quality or the prints will tie all of the work together, and I hope to add to this body of work in the years to come.

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